Core Values

What's important to our community

The Core Values of Oglethorpe University

Our core values are the enduring factors that are important to Oglethorpe and essential to the campus community. These core values have informed our mission and vision.

Oglethorpe students are creative, empathetic critical thinkers who are supported and encouraged by a faculty committed to teaching, learning, and shaping tomorrow’s leaders. Building on the foundation of our CORE curriculum and liberal arts tradition, students are challenged to write clearly, speak persuasively, and weigh evidence inside and outside the classroom. Oglethorpe faculty, staff, alumni, and students pursue ambitious goals and are committed to lifelong learning. 

Whether on campus, in Atlanta, or around the world, Oglethorpe students, faculty, staff, and alumni experience, serve and improve our communities. Situated near the nation’s capital of civil rights, dozens of corporate headquarters, and world-class arts and theater, our students tap into all that our international city offers. From internships, study abroad, civic engagement, and immersions in multicultural communities, students develop global perspectives and skills.

We believe in listening to all voices, recognizing the inherent dignity of each community member, and celebrating the richness of our diverse campus. We are committed to helping all students find their places and voices in the Oglethorpe community so that they become citizens who respect and appreciate differences and understand the influences that shape the world in which they live.   

College life extends beyond the classroom and includes care for the whole student: body, mind, and spirit. Our tight-knit campus focuses on physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and occupational aspects of wellness. We commit to helping each community member have the tools and resources they need to not only graduate — but thrive. 

Our motto — Nescit Cedere — translates to “one who does not know how to give up,” capturing the pride and tenacity of our community. We believe in possibilities. We empower students to take ownership and create the future that’s right for them. We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but we work together to solve challenges and in doing so will make a difference in the world. 

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