Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities & Initial Strategic Initiatives

These strategic priorities are key focus areas that will move Oglethorpe University forward in fulfilling its mission and vision. Strategic initiatives — programs, projects, plans and activities that support specific priorities — will be prioritized on an annual basis. Please check back soon for a list of the upcoming initiatives.

Strategic Priority 1:

Enhance student success during their time at Oglethorpe and beyond. 

  1. Build a professional advising unit of highly trained personnel that uses a data-informed approach to increase retention, persistence, and graduation rates. 
  2. Develop a Teaching and Learning Institute for Inclusive Innovation as a means of providing high impact professional development for faculty that increases academic success for students. 
  3. Create an Academic Support Center (including a writing center with ESL support) to further support students’ academic progress outside the classroom.
  4. Develop a center focused on learning disabilities services and accessibility for students with dyslexia. 
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Strategic Priority 2: 

Strengthen our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion for all members of the university community. 

  1. Create a faculty hiring and retention DEI toolbox. 
  2. Create a staff hiring and retention DEI toolbox. 
  3. Develop a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) checklist for course syllabi that enhances our approach to UDL in the classroom.
  4. Diversify the Oglethorpe curricula, including Core, to reflect our diverse community of learners. 
  5. Establish a Multicultural Center to foster sense of belonging for all Oglethorpe students, faculty, and staff. 
  6. Develop a university diversity statement to demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  7. Establish an interfaith prayer and reflection space for individuals of all religious faiths and non-religious beliefs to promote the holistic wellness of the Oglethorpe community. 
  8. Develop a comprehensive international recruitment strategy to increase enrollment and foster greater global diversity in our traditional undergraduate program.
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Strategic Priority 3: 

Expand and integrate the physical, programmatic, fiscal, procedural, and organizational infrastructure in a sustainable manner. 

  1. Create processes and procedures to enhance faculty shared governance. 
  2. Develop an intentionally designed campus master plan using current topography that reflects the institution’s innovative programming and extra- and co-curricular needs. 
  3. Develop a comprehensive compensation system to recruit and retain highly qualified faculty. 
  4. Develop a comprehensive compensation system to recruit and retain highly qualified staff. 
  5. Create a top-tier wellness facility to enhance the overall health of the OU community and better recruit undergraduate athletes. 
  6. Develop a comprehensive campaign.  
  7. Develop a multi-year strategic enrollment management plan to increase enrollment and retention.
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Strategic Priority 4: 

Develop innovative academic programs, transformative pedagogical practices, and meaningful scholarship. 

  1. Develop, market, and institute a post-baccalaureate CPA certificate. 
  2. Revive the Adult Degree Program (ADP) to include programs, modalities, and support for today’s adult student. 
  3. Create new student market-driven academic programs (e.g., computer science, criminal justice, health sciences, social entrepreneurship). 
  4. Expand the Hammack School sponsored entrepreneurship program to encompass a full institute for entrepreneurship with a meaningful focus on socially conscious enterprise.
  5. Enhance Oglethorpe’s national reputation via key ranking systems and indicators.
  6. Develop, market, and institute a master’s degree in accounting.
  7. Develop, market, and institute a master’s degree in strategic communications.
  8. Create and manage a student-led investment fund.
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Strategic Priority 5: 

Support the physical, mental, and professional well-being of members of our community. 

  1. Design and implement a Staff Leadership Development Program. 
  2. Design and implement a Faculty Leadership Development Program. 
  3. Create and implement a comprehensive campus safety approach.
  4. Increase alumni engagement and student success via a formalized Alumni/Student Mentorship Program. 
  5. Create an innovative faculty mentorship program for early career faculty that increases success and satisfaction, as well as retention. 
  6. Expand the mental health services available to students to address the increased need.
  7. Expand our holistic health and fitness facilities with consideration of a new building.
  8. Build a medical and nutritional health area to support students.
  9. Develop and build upon our intramural sports activities, with a focus on physical health.
  10. Establish and support a campus day-care center.
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Strategic Priority 6:

Establish and strengthen partnerships with Atlanta and global communities.  

  1. Establish the Oglethorpe University brand. 
  2. Develop a robust internship-to-employment pipeline that connects Oglethorpe students with internships that span across disciplines throughout the city of Atlanta. 
  3. Create a corporate partner program to both achieve targeted annual giving as well as facilitate institution growth and programming. 
  4. Create a college bound program for high school students to increase awareness of and interest in Oglethorpe University.
  5. Establish a School of Arts that elevates our reputation in the performing arts.
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